Art Madrid, Jnr.,
~ 2,000 wins, 115 lbs--8st 3 lbs

Art Madrid, Jnr., in the Winners' Circle. Photo supplied by HeatherArt Madrid, Jnr., born on January 23rd, 1968, hails originally from Panama, the mecca of great jockeys. He is 5ft 3" and rides at 115 lbs, 8st 3 lbs or 52 kgs.

He currently rides at Laurel in Maryland but gained his first winner on Ikzale in Panama in December, 1984 at the age of 16.

Straight away in 1985, his riding prowess in the US as an apprentice earned him the Eclipse Award as "Outstanding Apprentice Jockey". To date he has ridden 1,921 winners.

He rates Cigar as his favourite horse and Housebuster as the best horse that he has ridden.

The best race he has won was the Early Times Classic at Saratoga on Academy Award.

He considers that his best quality as a rider is "his patience and ability to undertstand the uniqueness of each horse I ride".

Art lists his hobbies as boxing and horses and he can be contacted for rides on 00 1 (410) 480-1350



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