Brazilian Jockeys
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Goncalinho Almeida. Top Jockey in Brasil who rode with great success in the US for 12 years.
Currently 12th in the Brazilian Jockeys' table Goncalinho Almeida

J Aurelio. In the top 20 of Jockeys in Brasil J Aurelio

M Aurelio. In the top 20 of Jockeys in Brazil M Aurelio

I Correa. 8th in the Jockeys' table I Correa

A Gulart. Currently 2nd in the Brazilian Jockeys' table A Gulart

J Gulart. One of the few female jockeys. 
Born on Jan 1st, 1985. 
Her first races were in early May 2001. 
No victories yet but if her brother is anything to go by, she should be a big factor is years to come. J Gulart (app)
7st 3 lbs--45.8kgs

Jorge Luiz Dias Paes Leme.
Apprenticed in October 1991, became a Jockey in November'92. 
Currently 7th in the Brazilian Jockeys' table Jorge Leme

Alex Sander de Barros Mota. Apprenticed in January'97 ad became a jockey in April'97.
Currently 4th in the Brazilian Jockeys' table Alex Mota

Marcos Monteiro, 36 years old. 
Weighs 50kgs, was apprenticed in 1980 and has 250 career victories. 
One of Brazil's journeyman jockeys, considered an excellent jockey of 2 year olds and also a good workrider Marcos Monteiro
7st 12 lbs--50 kgs

B Reis. Ranked 11th in the Jockeys' table B Reis

Jorge Ricardo from Brazil. The 4th winningmost jockey in the World. Read his amazing Biography Jorge Ricardo

I Santana. An apprentice born on 25-10-81 with 29 wins since 6th January, 2001, placing him 2nd in the apprentices' table I Santana (app)
7st 12lbs--50kgs

A M Santos. Ranked 21st in Brazil A M Santos

Ricardo Dos Santos Lepre.
Apprenticed in March'92, became a jockey in  May'94.
In the top 15 jockeys in Brazil. Ricardo Santos


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