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Andrasch Starke, the jockey of Samum. Andrasch Starke

Andre Best Andre Best

Georg Bocksai Georg Bocksai

Alan Bond Alan Bond

Arnaud Bouleau, flat jockey in France & Germany. Click to see his interesting web site Arnaud Bouleau
110 lbs---7st 12 lbs--50kgs

Andreas Boschert Andreas Boschert

Jean-Pierre Carvalho Jean-Pierre Carvalho

Stanley Chin. Group 1 winning jockey from Hong Kong, now riding for Aidan O'Brien. Click for details Stanley Chin (IRE)
8st--51 kgs

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Stephen Davies Stephen Davies

Patricia Duker Patricia Duker

Neil Grant Neil Grant

Lennart Hammer-Hansen Lennart Hammer-Hansen

Andreas Helfenbein Andreas Halfenbein

Terry Hellier Terry Hellier

Peter Heugl Peter Heugl

John D Hillis John D. Hillis

Angela Kuhl-Hohn Angela Kull-Hohn

Mark Rimmer Frederic Lespingal

Jean-Pierre Lopez Jean-Pierre Lopez

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Raymond Ludtke Raymond Ludtke

Roman Madejski Roman Madejski

Dave McCann Dave McCann

Filip Minarik Filip Minarik

Gerlinde Muhlbichler Gerlinde Muhlbichler

Billy Newnes Billy Newnes

Jiri Palik Jiri Palik

Lutz Pyritz Lutz Pyritz

Norman Richter Norman Richter

Mark Rimmer Mark Rimmer

Andreas Suborics Andreas Suborics

Marc Timpelan Marc Timpelman

Pascal VandeKeere Pascal VandeKeere

Kevin Woodburn Kevin Woodburn


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