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The 2005 Travelling The Turf directory. An excellent guide to all the racetracks in the UK and other international racing countries. It also tells you where to stay and is the ideal companion should you need a helping hand on your racing travels. The New Frankie autobiography....out on September 23rd, 2004 and written by top BBC Racing journalist, Jonathan Powell. The New Frankie DVD where he talks exclusively about his life and highlights his rivalry with Lester Piggott. 1 hour's worth of in-depth DVD for you to enjoy. Buy this magnificent dedication to the history of the Derby straight from the publishers. It has some excellent collector's prints! New. The Daily Racing Form's Go for the Green guide to betting. Click to buy New. Kelso, a biographical account of this great US handicapper of the 1960's. Click to buy New. Legacies of the Turf. Click to buy New. Breeders' Cup. Thoroughbred Racing's Greatest Day. Click to buy New. The Backyard Racehorse. A guide on how to look after a racehorse. Click to buy New. The Daily Racing Form's American racing Manual, 2003. Full of stats and figures. Click to buy New. More personal accounts about gambling at the track. Click to buy New. More The Thoroughbred Times's Guide to the racing year. A great book, personally recommedned by Jockeysroom to keep you hooked on its interesting stats and records concerning US horse racing. Click to buy New! Exterminator. A top US horse at the turn of the 20th Century. Cllick to buy New. The autobiography about Native Dancer. Click to buy New. Racing in the Dock. Read about the headlines that rocked British racing during 2002. Click to buy New. Finding Hot Horses. A guide with more relevance to US racing but still of use for basic handicapping anywhere in the world. Click to buy New. Everyone must leave. The day the Grand National was under threat, to a bomb alert. Click to buy New. Mick Kinane's biography. Click to buy New. Woulda, Coulda, Shouda.....More handicapping & betting advice. Click to buy New. Dollars in the Streets. Click to buy New. The life and times of great US trainer, CharlieWhittingham. Click to buy New. Track Condtions. The life & times of a journeyman trainer in the US. Click to buy New. Citation. Click to buy New. Come on Seabiscuit. Click to buy New. Brough Scott looks back on the Racing Certainties of the past. Click to buy New. Horse Sense, an inside look at the Sport of Kings. Click to buy New! Run, Baby, Run. Click to buy New! 
Peter Walwyn, who has just retired, was for more than thirty-five years one of the country's foremost racehorse trainers - and about the only trainer for whom racegoers and racing professionals alike have a deep and genuine affection. 

He was the first flat racing trainer to send out more than 100 winners in a season, was champion trainer and trained the great Derby winner Grundy. But the appeal of the book lies less in Peter Walwyn's achievements on the track, great though they may be, but in the nature of the man - one of the last great traditionalists of the turf. 

His lanky physique and eccentric behaviour led to him being nicknamed 'Basil Fawlty'; he is a man with strong and outspoken opinions on every aspect of the racing game. He is also a fund of marvellous racing stories: in his long career, he has encountered scores of legendary racing personalities, from Lester Piggott to Frankie Dettori, and describes them with humorous relish. 

Handy All The Way is not a conventional autobiography, but a marvellous collection of anecdotes by one of racing's best-loved characters. 
Click to buy New! Traits of a Winner by top US trainer, Carl Nafzger. Read how he recounts the story of Unbridled and his 87 year old owner, Frances Genter. Click here to buy New! A perfect ride. Top US Jockey Gary Stevens gives an in-depth account of how he became a jockey. Click here to buy New! Running Racing. An in-depth account of the English Jockey Club since the 18th Century by John Tyrrell New! A horseracing novel for you to enjoy. Click here to buy New! A book to celebrate Royal Ascot & Queen Elizabeth II's 50th anniversary. New! Ruffian--Burning from the Start by Jane Schwartz.
A review by a reader who has already read the book
Rarely does an author manage to capture and define the rich and varied mix of people and circumstances that go into making a championship racehorse. And for good reason. It is a bit like cooking up a stew that has all sorts of spices thrown in. There are certain things you can control - the amount of detail to include, the descriptions of the people and races, the pace of the story - but in the end you're never quite sure what you'll have until you finish. On a larger scale, that is what happens in the breeding and racing of thoroughbreds, and lovers of the sport will be first to admit it. That is why Ruffian was such a breath taking surprise in her 10 unbeaten starts, and such a heart wrenching loss in her final defeat. It is also what makes Schwartz's account so moving.

For anyone who loves to watch thoroughbreds run, who is captivated by their beauty and spirit, this book is a must. Schwartz got the recipe right, and you will feel that you have been in the presence of a champion by the time you have finished. 

Buy this new book in our shop New! From the Desert to the Derby. An account of how & why the Maktoum family of Dubai are trying to capture the Kentucky Derby Order your new 2002 Directory of the Turf straight from the publishers New! D. Wayne: The High-Rolling and Fast Times of America's Premier Horse Trainer by Carlo Devito New! Nan Mooney's My Racing Heart with tales about racing in the US. Stud : Adventures in Breeding by Kevin Conley.
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