Ian (Fish) Sturgeon
Photo supplied by agent, Hilton Botha
Photo supplied by Ian Sturgeon's agent, Hilton BothaIan Sturgeon is an up & coming apprentice riding in South Africa who has top senior jockey, Stuart Randoplh's previous agent, Hilton Botha ensuring he gets on as many mounts as possible.

Ian, born in Ireland, started riding at 4 years old with Tracy McNally at the Richhill Riding Centre in N.Ireland. They had to punch new holes in the stirrup leathers as he was so small. Tracy used to joke that he'd make a great jockey.

He got into horses because his Dad rode work in a point-to-point yard. The family emigrated to SA when he was 7 and Ian rode intermittently. The family soon got involved in a horse with local trainer Corrine Bestel and when there was a groom's strike everyone who could ride--including young Ian--helped out.

Ian was 13 and at Northwood and before school he and Robby would go to Clairwood racecourse to help out at the stables.


  • 1st ride - 12/8/2001 Natural Grace for B Impey
  • 1st win - 30/9/2001 (6th ride) Paddy's Prospect for J Dittmer
  • Total no of winners to date - 82
  • Winners by season - 1/8/01 to 31/7/02 = 24
  • 1/8/02 to 31/7/02 = 33
  • 1/8/03 to date = 25
  • Favourite horse - Little Grebe
  • Not apprenticed
  • Stable jockey to Andre Heyns
  • Best race won - Grade 3 Southern Cross Stakes on Tara's Touch for J Ramsden
  • Ambition - to win championship in Hong Kong
  • Jockey he admires - Dougie White

    Agent name and contact details: Hilton Botha:Tel--+27 82 509 1762 or Fax: +27 866 72 8333



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