Jump Jockeys
Photos by Harvey Mayson, Nick Gommersal & Kerry Lee.
Todd Balfour, jump jockey in Australia heading to the UK. Todd Balfour

Mobile: 00 11 65 4198 60 326
E-mail: toddbalf@bigpond.com.au

Pablo Borrego Pablo Borrego
9st 2 lbs--58 kgs

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Mark Bradburne, former champion amateur, now turned pro. 
Check out his website Mark Bradburne

Paul Carberry, Grand National winning jump jockey in Ireland. Paul Carberry
9st 7 lbs--60.5 kgs


Philip Carberry, dual-purpose jockey in Ireland. Philip A. Carberry
8st 11 lbs--56 kgs


David Casey, top jump jockey in Ireland. David J. Casey
9st 5 lbs--59.5 kgs


Philippe Chevalier, top Jump Jockey in France Philippe Chevalier
Former Champion Jump Jockey

Web Page

Garrett Cotter, dual-purpose jockey in Ireland. Garrett Cotter
9st 7 lbs--60.5 kgs


S Curling, jump jockey in Ireland. S Curling


Paul Daniel. Jump jockey in Australia. Photo supplied by Paul Daniel. Paul Daniel (AUS)

E-mail: treasureisland1@bigpond.com
Tel: +61 (0) 402465900

Alan J.Donoghue, dual-purpose jockey in Ireland. Alan J. Donoghue
8st 4 lbs--52.5 kgs


Tom Doyle, young conditional jump jockey in the UK Tom Doyle

Jimmy Duggan on Scottish Champion hurdler, Aonoch, on whom he rode 14 winners. Photo by Gerry Cranham and supplied by Jimmy Duggan. Jimmy Duggan

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Dunwoody by Harvey Mayson Richard Dunwoody
10st 3 lbs---65 kgs

Darren Edwards, young amateur steeple-chasing jockey in the UK Darren Edwards
9st 7 lbs---60 kgs

Jean-Bernard Eyquem, based in South-West France Jean-Bernard Eyquem
8st 8lbs--54.5 kgs (Flat & Jumps)

Mick Fitzgerald at Sandown on AtTheRaces Day in April, 2003.
Photo & copyright by Nick Higgins Mick Fitzgerald
10st 3 lbs---65 kgs

New biography

John Francome, the Greatest Jockey John Francome

Buy a Francome Racing Novel

Dean Gallagher
10st 0 lbs---64 kgs

Kieren Gaule, dual-purpose jockey in Ireland. Kieren Gaule
9st 0 lbs--57 kgs


Mark Grant, dual-purpose jockey in Ireland. Mark Grant
9st 2 lbs--58 kgs


Richard Guest
10st 5 lbs---66 kgs

Philip Hide
10st 0 lbs---64 kgs

David Howard, conditional jockey based with Martin Pipe who recently won his first race. Click to go to his web site David Howard (Conditional)

His website !

Wayne Hutchinson
9st 7 lbs (60 kgs) Conditional

John Kavanagh
9st 7lbs---60.5 kgs

Photo Courtesy of www.RaceHorseTrainers.co.uk Carl Llewellyn

His website

Adrian Maguire
10st 0 lbs---64 kgs

New Web Site

Jason Maguire. Irish Jump Jockey with his own web site Jason Maguire

Jose-Manuel Martin from Spain Jose-Manuel Martin
8st 9lbs--55 kgs (Flat & Jumps)

Warren Marston
9st 7 lbs---60.5 kgs

Jim McCarthy
10st 0 lbs---64 kgs

Tony McCoy, Champion Jump Jockey in the UK. Photo copyright Nick Higgins Tony McCoy
10st 0 lbs---64 kgs

His website !

Neil P. Mulholland, dual-purpose jockey in Ireland. Neil P. Mulholland
9st 0 lbs--57 kgs


Antonio Ragno from Italy Antonio Ragno

David N.Russell, jump jockey in Ireland. David N. Russell
10st 4 lbs--65.5 kgs


Ken Whelan, dual-purpose jockey in Ireland. Ken Whelan
9st 10 lbs--62 kgs


Norman Williamson
9st 10 lbs---62 kgs


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