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Italian Jockeys--Flat & Jumps
Special thanks to

Gabriele Bietolini Gabriele Bietolini

Mirko Bignami Mirko Bignami

Pietro Caddedu Pietro Caddedu

Luca Demaria Luca Demaria

Mirco Demuro, Italy's Champion for his fan web site Mirco Demuro

Web Site

Diego Dettori Diego Dettori

Manuel Diaz, Spanish Jockey now successful in Italy, ranked No 7. Read his Biography Manuel Diaz
7st 11 lbs--49.5 kgs

Mario Esposito Mario Esposito

Otello Fancera Otello Fancera

Giovanni Forte Giovanni Forte

Walter Gambarota Walter Gambarota

Jorge Horcajada, ex-Champion Jockey in Spain now very successful in Italy. Read his Biography Jorge Horcajada
8st--51 kgs

Fernando Iovine
8 st 7 lbs--54 kgs

Luigi Jack Luigi Jack

Stefano Landi Stefano Landi

Riccardo Opazo Riccardo Opazo

Maurizio Pasquale Maurizio Pasquale

Daniele Porcu Daniele Porcu
Agent: Gianluca di Castelnuovo
Tel. & Fax: +39 02 466 706
Mobile: +39 333 292 7168

Antonio Ragno Antonio Ragno

Web Site

Antonio Sau Antonio Sau

Fabio Sparapano Fabio Sparapano

Max Tellini Max Tellini

Sergio Urru. photot by Sergio Urru

Web Site

Dario Vargiu in a spectacular photo. By kind permission from his web site at Dario Vargiu
Vargiu's Web site


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