Jo Black----8st 2 lbs--114 lbs--52 kgs

Jo Black contacted JockeysRoom straight off the Internet by sending us an e-mail and asked to be female jockey number 56 on the site!

Born in Chelmsford, England on March 30th, 1971, she lives and rides in the US but would one day love to ride in the UK. The British connection has seen her appear in an article in The Sporting Life and the national daily, the Daily Express, in a two-page spread.

Jo Black boots home another winner at Turf Paradise in Phoenix, Arizona.
Photo by Coady Photography of Phoenix, Arizona.

Jo boots home a winner at Turf Paradise, Arizona. Photo by Coady Photography.

Standing 5' 3" tall, Jo goes to scale at 114 lbs or 8st 2 lbs. Due to injuries, her apprentice year stretched itself over 3 years and she booted home 90 winners. So, although she has had a professional license since 1996, injuries have only allowed her to ride for half that time.

Her first ride was in May, 1996, on Proper Dandy at Douglas, Arizona, where she came 3rd. Since then she has ridden in 2,000 races and notched up 264 winners. She has won 6 out of 34 stakes races and has been placed in a further 15.

Jo says she has still not had a "best horse ridden" yet which indicates that she knows more is yet to come. Instead, she appoints "favourites" according to the meeting where she last rode.

Therefore, her favourite to date is probably Blumin Bauble with whom she won the $50,000 Minnesota Oaks at Canterbury Park recently---her biggest win to date.

Turf pros rate her best jockey qualities as being "fearless" and as being able to get that extra juice out of a horse in the tight finishes.

Off the track, her hobbies are golf, drawing, rodeo, boxing and "watching my favourite baseball team, AZ Diamondbacks, kick some booty!."

Jo has been injured since October, 2001 and will be re-appearing at the beginning of April, 2002. Meanwhile she rides Flipper, her equiciser to get back into shape so that her agent, Dale Ledges who can be reached on +00 1 (612) 839 6552, can put her up on as many mounts as possible.

Jo hersef can also be contacted for rides on her e-mail address:

Good luck Jo with everything and thanks for contacting JockeysRoom.



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