Louise Moeller---8st--112 lbs--51 kgs
Louise Moeller, the tallest female jockey, with perhaps the smallest, Jorge Chavez. Photo by Equi-photo, Inc, track photographer at Gulfstream

Louise was born in Aalborg, Denmark on July 27th, 1978. She is engaged to Mark Larsen, the Danish Champion Jockey.

Together they share a labrador called Bingo and a ferret called Cirkeline!

As the photo shows, Louise is 6ft 1" tall and tacks at an incredible 112 lbs, 8 stone or 51 kgs!

The Miami Herald did a story about her in the winter of 2001 when Mark and Louise were work-riding at Gulfstream under the byline that she was perhaps the tallest jockey worldwide !

She was the first Scandinavian apprentice to get mounts at Gulfstream Park ("which is not easy at all !") where she rode 3 races last winter. "The thrill of my life!"

She started her apprenticeship on July 1st, 2001 and was Champion apprentice at Copenhagen racecourse (the main track) in the same year.

Her first ride as an apprentice was on July 7th, 2001, at Copenhagen on a horse called "Zoomood" where she finished 2nd.

To date she has had around 400 rides and notched up her 38th winner in late April, 2002.

Louise Moeller after booting home another winner. Photo by Burt Seeger
Her favourite horse is "Hole in One". Her dad bought the mare, when Louise first got her license and taught her a lot. Louise also states that her fiancee, Mark, has also shown her everything she knows about racing.

Since then there has been a few other favorites. "Luconic" belonged to her as well, but Mark always rode him in races. "He was very special to both of us and a real gentleman.".

Louise rode "Montilja" to 3 wins in a row in 2001, all at different tracks. Other horses that come to mind are "Eugen", a big, bay gelding by Diaghlyphard--"He was awesome!" But also "General in Mind", a fine 2 year-old. "He has a lot of potential."

Louise's biggest winner to date is actually not as a jockey - but as a trainer. That was last year, when "Luconic" won the BMS Sprint Cup at Copenhagen. She was granted a trainer's license to train Luconic specifically. As Mark Larsen also rode the horse to victory, it was a special moment for both.

On the riding front, Louise rates her win in the "Silver Blaze" Memorial race aboard "Hole In One" as her biggest to date.
Louise Moeller booting home another winner. Photo by Burt Seeger

She rates her sense of pace as her best quality as a jockey. She considers herself more of a tactical jockey than a strength rider one who gets on welI with nervous horses due to her "good hands".

Louise was recently told by a "turf aficionado" that, despite her height, she still has an amazing way of creating/changing her style to fit the actual horse, big or small.

She rates race riding as her hobby.

"It is hard to find time for anything else but the horses - also because we have to travel a lot within the Scandinavian countries.

Every track has one raceday a week, so every day we are at a new place. Usually we have the winter off (November to April), so there is time to do something else and catch up with family and friends. Mark & I both like to go skiing, but we also like to go see other countries - Thailand is my favorite place. I really enjoy travelling."

In Scandinavia, jockeys are more or less their own agent so Louise books most of her rides. She can be contacted for rides on her e-mail address: mlracing@mail.tele.dk.

Good luck Louise with everything and thanks for contacting JockeysRoom.



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