Mike Cattermole Channel 4 Racing tv presenter. See MikeCattermole.com
New website at www.MikeCattermole.com
Mike Cattermole--Channel 4 Racing horse racing presenter & commentator.
Available for guest and after-dinner speaking and as awards & prize-giving host at corporate events.
New website at www.MikeCattermole.com
Call his agent, Nick Higgins on +44 (0) 7796 99 68 99 or
Mike Cattermole at Newmarket. Photo by Nick Higgins.Born in October 1961, Mike graduated from Keele University in 1983 with a degree in Economics and History. His father had instilled an interest in racing from an early age and he joined the mecca of racing analysis and journalism, Timeform, in 1984 working with current Channel 4 colleague, Jim McGrath.

He moved onto the national daily, The Sporting Life (1984-98) and served as jockey’s agent to Willie Carson between 1989-94 in the era of Nashwan, Salsabil, Shadayid, Erhaab and the great Dayjur. Towards the end of that period, he widened his skills to include racecourse commentating in 1993.

His first TV role was gained on Sky’s Racing Channel (1995-02) and he was quickly signed up by Channel 4 in 1999 both as a commentator and presenter. The former was replaced by AtTheRaces in 2002 and Mike presented the 1st ever transmission in May 2002.

Most racing media professionals can be pigeon-holed as either journalists, presenters or commentators. However, Mike’s forte lies in his smooth, likeable and polished delivery in all three roles combined with an impressive capacity to recall names, dates and faces. Very popular both within the racing industry as he is with the racing public, he lists golf, tennis and skiing as his hobbies.

Along with being a director of Racing Welfare, he still maintains a link with the London Racing Club, which he chaired until recently. He is also the co-author of two books about top jockeys Joe Mercer and Edward Hide, “Joe Mercer – The Pictorial Biography “ published in 1987 and “Nothing to Hide” in 1999.

His new website can be seen at MikeCattermole.com

Listen here to samples of Mike's work:
Mike Cattermole....race commentary
Mike Cattermole....Kelloggs Crunchy Nut



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