French Jockeys--Flat & Jumps

Cash Asmussen, click for his Biography Cash Asmussen
119 lbs---8st 7 lbs--54kgs

Francois-Xavier Bertras, up & coming jockey based in south west France in Pau and jockey to Francois Rohaut. Click for his details Francois-Xavier Bertras
8st 4lbs---52.5 kgs

Dominique Boeuf, Top French Jockey who rides for Daniel Wildenstein. Photo by kind permission of Dominique Boeuf

Olivier Doleuze, top Jockey. Click for his Biography Olivier Doleuze
8st 4lbs--52.5kgs

Jean-Rene Dubosc Jean-Rene Dubosc
8st 6lbs---53.5 kgs

Jean-Bernard Eyquem, dual-purpose jockey. Click for his details Jean-Bernard Eyquem
8st 8lbs---54.5 kgs

Thierry Gillet, Top French Jockey on the Flat. Photo by kind permission of Thierry Gillet

Thierry Jarnet, click for his Biography Thierry Jarnet
8st 5lbs--53kgs

Jean-Pierre Lopez, rides in France & Germany Jean-Pierre Lopez

Ioritz Mendizabal, Spanish jockey from the Basque country now very successful in France Ioritz Mendizabal
8st 6lbs---53.5 kgs

Gerald Mosse, the Aga Khan's jockey for about 8 years. Click for his Biography Gerald Mosse
8st 7lbs--54kgs

Patrick Pailhes, Top French Amateur on the Flat and over Jumps. Photo by Hans-Jurgen Schneider at Patrick Pailhes

Olivier Peslier, French Champion. Click for his Biography Olivier Peslier
8st 4 lbs--52.5kgs

Christophe Soumillon, click for his Biography Christophe Soumillon
8st--51 kgs (?)

Yutaka Take, Japan's leading Jockey now riding in France and Europe.  Click for his Biography Yutaka Take
8st 3bs--52kgs

Thierry Thulliez, Top French Jockey on the Flat. Photo by kind permission of Thierry Thulliez

Stephane Valles Stephane Valles
7st 12lbs---50 kgs


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